Global Brass And Copper Holdings: Take Advantage Of Effective Capital Management

Global Brass and Copper Holdings (NYSE:BRSS) is a global supplier, distributor and fabricator of copper and brass products, including a range of sheet, strip, foil, rod, tube and fabricated metal component products. The company should be seen as a short-term trade: investing in commodity-linked businesses with narrow margins and moats is not the kind of investment I like to see overall. However, there are some interesting catalysts, metrics and technical indicators which make BRSS a short-term buy.

BRSS has been a small-cap market darling for some time and with good reason. Overall, the main argument for going long on BRSS is not betting on the rise in copper (which, if that were the case, would certainly propel the stock), but rather focusing on its ability to manage working capital above and beyond its competitors or any other industry.

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Disclosure: Logos LP has no position in BRSS.